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All this swagga


The smooth-talking Bending Brothers.


if someone writes you a letter or makes you a mixtape or composes a poem or song about you or creates literally anything for you then you had better cherish the absolute shit out of that person because they care about you a real lot


I’ve recently hit 1,000 followers, and I wanted to celebrate by updating my follow forever! Thank you everyone, this means a lot to me! Just thank you for sticking around and being there for me. Ily guys, and thank you again! :) Friends/mutuals are italicized and favorites are bolded.  


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And I’m sorry if I missed anyone, I don’t mean to and please don’t be offended!


Guys I doodled something. Mako giving fire lilies to korra to make her smile :DD Should I go on??


When people think Zuko is ugly for having a scar

When people don’t like Zuko because he can be an asshole

When people don’t like Zuko because he was the villan at first

When people don’t like Zuko because of his attitude

When people don’t like Zuko

Holy water cannot help you now
Thousand armies couldn’t keep me out

See I was dead when I woke up this morning
I’ll be dead before the day is done (


Korra/Raava fusions are so one year ago but… Korra/Raava fusions tho.